Usually, your Ethereum Address is generated by your wallet. This randomly generated Address will look something like this:


Quite boring huh? Thank god a Vanitygenerator for Ethereum exists! Using this specialized tool, you can customize the first few characters of your Address. Here are some examples:



Now that looks special, doesn’t it?

Let’s get started on how you can quickly create your own ETH vanity address.

Step 1: Install Node.js & NPM

To run the desired tool, you first need to install Node.js and Node Package manager. If you are a developer, chances are you already have those.

Install node.js

Step 2: install vanity-eth

Open up Node.js console and type the following:

$ npm install -g vanity-eth
$ vanityeth -i b00b5

Step 3: Create a custom ETH Address using vanity-eth

Remember you can use any Hexadecimal Characters: 0-9, a-f & A-F

Generate 10 random addresses:

$ vanityeth -n 10

Generate 10 addresses starting with 0x0000:

$ vanityeth -n 10 -i 0000

You can also add more or fewer characters it will take exponentially longer the more characters you add. So while “-i b00b5” might only take an hour to complete, “-i b000b5” could take a whole day!


Tipp: To get your desired Address you can let it run overnight and store its outputs to a file by appending the command with “-l” like this:

$ vanityeth -n 200 -i 0000 -l

If no path is defined the text file will be generated at: C:\Users\YourUser\VanityEth-log.txt

using the above i was able to get lucky and find: 0x0000012aaa1915552fa84992123c9948cc19f4b6 even though i only entered four 0’s as filter.

Step 4: Import Address to test it out or Cold store it.

Addresses generated by VanityEth are compatible with any ETH Wallets that allow for importing plain private keys.

We recommend:

Using MEW you can also export the address in any desired format to import it in ever more places. f.e. as JSON, Mnemonic Phrase, Keystore file, TREZOR / Ledger Wallet / Digital bitbox.

Output from VanityEth

Disclaimer: Before transferring large amounts to vanity addresses you shall test sending and receiving using a small amount to make sure it works properly!


Whats the best digital Ethereum Wallet? Let us find out!


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