SAM & MAX: HIT THE ROAD [PC] [1993] [001] - Ein neuer Auftrag: via @YouTube

Ok timeline, who wants to hear my favourite bad joke.

Astronaut 1: Hi mate, I can't find any milk for my coffee.
Astronaut 2: In space, no one can. Here, use cream.

What are long commutes good for? A lot, according to Rudolf Minsch, chief economist of @economiesuisse:

@will_i_am_s_ oh man that's an instafollow!!!!
also allow me 2 reciprocate the bad joke joy

if 'womb' is pronounced womb
and 'tomb' is pronounced tomb

how should 'bomb' be pronounced?

@garymusicmiller @will_i_am_s_ What do you get when you cross the Atlantic with the Titanic?
About halfway.

Just handed a customer a bag at my job and she responded "I've never held a bag in my life, honey. My husband will be back to pick these up"

Announcing Rust 2018 Preview 2!

Here's a few detailed shots of my recent scene for those who want to snack on some pixels, yum


Hammer: Unser 250K-Abo-Spezial mit @walulis ist grad Platz 10 in den YT-Trends. Knapp hinter "Dumme Typen essen schärfste Chilli der Welt", "BESTER FREUND wurde vom LASTWAGEN ÜBERFAHREN!!!", "Katjas XTape YouTube Kake (unmöglich Nicht Lachen Challenge)" #GameTwo @TheRocketBeans

Throwback Thursday to @TomKuLive interview @RISEConfHQ [1/2]
Enhance your understanding of Smart Valor NOW! 🔍

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26 amazing followers in the last week and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with

WhatsAround App: Rewarding Outdoor Lovers With Cryptocurrency @DigitalReview_

Investor Files Lawsuit Against AT&T Over Hack That Allegedly Lost Him $24 Mln in Crypto

The revolution in markets. #blockchain for everyone
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Our COO Dario Duran (@DarioTepoTec) is New York bound! As one of the 10 most promising Swiss fintech start-ups, Shift is proud to be part of the Swiss National Team 2018. Sponsored by @Venturelab;

Want to partner with the Crypto Valley Association. Join a growing number of organizations offering capabilities and services to the ecosystem.

Ten experts debate #bitcoin's recent declines and the future of #cryptocurrency. A CNBC video. #cryptocurrencynews #bitcoinprice #cryptotrading #cryptoexperts

IOTA Ecosystem gGmbH - The legal entity behind our Ecosystem Development fund has officially been setup. With the first grants going out today, the #IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund will be giving out regular grants from now on.

"No chrome spheres on checkerboard"
#kuehlhaus #mannheim #cube #cubes #lit #illuminated #light #oranhe #wood #parquet #3Dfortherealworld

I just started, but this is the greatest my loyalty to the Horde has ever been tested.

Investieren oder doch lieber hodln – zu welchem Zeitpunkt lohnt sich ein Investment in Kryptowährungen?

Now I’m looking forward to hitting up Vegas, LA, San Jose, and San Francisco next month! This is going to be fun!

But for now, I’m going home to work, and make some cool shit in @UnrealEngine and @OTOY #Octane LOL

Die Canon EOS 80D ist eine einfach zu bedienende Spiegelreflexkamera. Reaktionsschnell dank 45-Punkt-Autofokus, WiFi, 24 Megapixeln und 7 Bildern pro Sekunde. Heute für nur CHF 849.– und 140.– CashBack


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